So this is a recap vid of your normal whore mongering tourist. I picked the week ended 18th November.. week 42 in the members area if feel like checking it out.

The week starts with Spycam Bar Hopping with a hidden camera to give you an idea of what goes on in Angeles clubs, there’s gotta be about 50 bikini clad babes dancing around looking hot! there’d be a Filipina Sex Scandal if they found out..

So after a night barhopping John Tourist got a blowjob off this little Filipina cutie Daisy, dropping his load over her cutie titties!
Filipina teen blowjob
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Wednesday brings more of Daisy with a great ‘modelstyle’ video shoot. We didn’t really get to appreciate her body in the blowjob shoot from the day before but here she is naked and laid out on the bed for our viewing pleasure.Filipina teens

Thursday and John Tourist is back to Manila where we get to appreciate a hot Filipina teen. (Cant mention her name in-case her father sees it, some Government big shot and don’t want to cause a Filipina Sex Scandal ) That little 18yo Ass…. love it. This girl’s a quiet fuck, but seems to enjoy it. The full vids in the members area though, he just hides her face in this little clip.

Friday the secret cams come out again for some quality perving in the local mall near his hotel, following a couple of cuties for a while, checking out their curves.

Saturday John barfined another cutie, but she didnt want to be filmed, so he sneaked a hidden cam into the bathroom, just so we could get to see her..

From Spycam Barhopping to Bareback Filipina Fucking.. Filipina Sex Diary.. Check it out!